Simple way How To Delete All Record in Cloudflare using iMacros


hello reader., I know you are having the same problem as me. when i add a site to cloudflare dns there are a lot of records that have to be deleted. this is caused by your domain that has been registered by someone else. Unfortunately cloudflare doesn't have a bulk delete records feature which makes it difficult for us in this case.

As you find out before you found this page the method used tends to be difficult and you have to use postman and the API. Therefore I use an easier technique that is using iMacros.

Alright now let's go to the easy way to delete all cloudflare records
  •  Dowload Chrome (Others browser maybe not support)
  •  Download iMacros >
  •  Install iMacros (just with click button add to chrome)
  •  Click on the right corner of chrome then click on iMacros Logo

  •  Open your Cloudflare account and go to DNS tab
  •  Now open your iMacros > go to manage > Clik Settings > change Replay speed to Slow (important)

  •  Now Back on Your Cloudflare Dns Page
  •  Click iMacros > Record > Record Macro (Now iMacros records your action)
  •  Click Edit > Delete > Delete (on your cloudflare tabs)
  •  Click stop and save
  •  Now you can delete all of that record with iMacros play loop
  •  Click on Play > Play Loop

Just relax and let iMacros Doing your jobs.

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